“Fitness Beyond 50” Classes

Held weekly in various locations across West Yorkshire

Our classes, held across West Yorkshire, are tailored to your specific needs and our aim is to work with you to help prevent the onset of ill health and/or help you manage any pre-existing health issues.  Together, we can improve your overall quality of life.

Here at Aspire 4 Health, we provide fully insured health and fitness services which are supported by specific certifications and the latest scientific research.  We aim to ensure support and peace of mind for our clients when they set out to deal with their health and fitness challenges.

Coverage in the Telegraph and Argus newspaper about Fitness Beyond 50 exercise classes

The Telegraph and Argus wrote an article about our Fitness Beyond 50 exercise classes

We can help clients with…

Listed below are a few examples of conditions that we have made a significant positive difference towards in the past or are currently dealing with within our ever popular classes:

  • Coronary Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Disease (including associated factors such as recovering from a heart attack or surgery, etc.);
  • Chronic Respiratory Diseases (including COPD, Asthma, etc.);
  • Diabetes;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Weight problems;
  • Musculo-skeletal Problems (including arthritis, fibromyalgia and lower back pain);
  • Existing injuries or post-operative issues; and
  • Balance, stability and falls prevention.

So why not join us and start achieving your goals.  We use proven exercise techniques and have designed a range of intensities to suit your needs and abilities.

Everyone is welcome, so come along to one of our classes or give our lead trainer, Lee, a call on 07986 396755.

Day Time Venue
Mon 09.30–10.30 Menston Methodist Church
Tues 10.00–11.00 Cottingley Town Hall, Bingley
Tues 12.45–13.45 Halifax Fire Station, HX1 3JF 
Fri 10.30–11.30 St. James’ Church Hall, Bolton Road, Bradford

For more information on the classes, contact Lee D. Smith on 07986 396755 or send a message via our Facebook page.

Over 50s exercise class West Yorkshire

Here you can see a group of attendees at one of our Fitness Beyond 50 classes held in West Yorkshire.

Your instructor

Classes are run by Lee D. Smith MSc, BSc (Hons), BACPR, CRDET, FMS.  Lee has over 20 years experience in sports and exercise and has been certified to work with Cardiac and Pulmonary outpatients.  Lee’s classes are fully insured and use the latest scientific research.

Lee D. Smith, MSc runs Fitness Beyond 50 exercise classes around West Yorkshire.

Lee D. Smith, MSc runs Fitness Beyond 50 exercise classes around West Yorkshire.

Lee has also completed the following relevant courses:

  • British Lung Foundation pilot scheme and the ‘follow on’ 50+ years exercises class.
  • Halifax Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Association with Halifax Breathe Easy project
  • Heartwatch Phase IV Coronary Care Group
  • Wharfedale Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV Exercise Class
Aspire 4 Health has certifications to help provide the best support in our Fitness Beyond 50 exercise classes

Aspire 4 Health has certifications from British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation, British Lung Foundation, Functional Movement Screen and Register for Exercise Professionals Level 4.

What our regulars say

Don’t just take our word for it.  Here are some testimonials from our regulars:

“In the spring of 2011 I had to retire on the grounds of ill-heath due to chronic neck and lower back pain.  After several months I happened to see a flyer for one of Lee’s “over 50’s” Exercise classes and decided to give it a go, with low expectations of what I would be able to do or achieve.  I was impressed by Lee’s enthusiasm for his work, by his extensive knowledge of anatomy etc. and his skill in explaining how a particular exercise would aid posture, balance or gait, for example.  As the weeks and months progressed I found I was able to perform the exercises more effectively, my stamina increased and slowly the chronic pain lessened.  When I suffered a set-back with my back, he gave me a series of specific exercises to do and I paid to have some one-to-one sessions with him.

 I have now attended Lee’s classes for over four years and intend to continue.  I do not believe it is an exaggeration to say that if I had known about Lee ten years ago, I would probably not have had to retire prematurely due to chronic pain.”

Donna, 60


“I have been having treatment from Lee for the past 18 months on both my knees. I had had a partial left knee replacement in 2013 and was struggling with pain, due to extra pressure on my right knee this also was replaced in March this year. During this period I saw Lee twice a week. At these sessions Lee taught me exercises that reduced the pain by building up muscles to support my knees which has proved to be most beneficial. I now attend a hour long exercise class that Lee holds in Cottingley Town Hall, which is great fun as well as keeping the rest of my body fit and healthy.”



“I have been training once a week with Lee for about a month and going to one of his fitness classes each week. I feel very much looser and mobile already as a result.
Lee has given me the confidence to believe in my abilities. Each week I have achieved something new and this has done wonders for my self confidence.
Lee approaches the whole fitness regime in an holistic way. He is well read in the latest scientific thinking and is keen to share nutritional information and ideas.
I have hesitated for years about personal training as I’m very overweight, have COPD and AF, but…don’t leave it for ages as I did, phone Lee now…and start making that difference to your life. You definitely won’t regret it!”



“If you want to improve your general health, fitness and make the best of your abilities I cannot think of a better way than to give Lee a ring or go to one of his advertised classes.
You will never regret it.  I know as an overweight diabetic he has worked wonders for me.”



Contact Us

If you want to find out more about our Fitness Beyond 50 classes or about any of our other specialist health and fitness services, just give Lee a ring on 07986 396755.