Personal Training and Health and Fitness Consultancy

A Comprehensive, Holistic and Scientific Approach

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Aspire 4 Health offers one-on-one or small group personal training and consultancy sessions.  We use a unique blend of science-based exercises and take a holistic approach to develop a tailored programme to meet your specific needs.

We can help you:

  • Get fit;
  • Lose weight;
  • Increase muscle definition and tone;
  • Manage aches and pains, injuries and existing medical conditions;
  • Train for a specific event or challenge;
  • Prepare for surgery (prehabilitation);
  • Improve stability, mobility and posture;
  • Prevent further injury and illness; and
  • Improve your overall health and quality of life.

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At Aspire 4 Health we are highly experienced at working collaboratively with a broad range of clients of different ages and fitness levels.  These range from people aiming to improve their health status and managing co-existing medical conditions to fit, active individuals.  The general enhancement of fitness, stamina and mobility of individuals in the over 50s age category is a specialism at Aspire 4 Health; we are particularly experienced in this area and are certified to work with cardiac and pulmonary outpatients.

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Whatever your reasoning, your aims and objectives will be discussed during your free, no-obligation, first consultation.  Furthermore, during this initial appointment, we will find our more about your likes and dislikes with regards exercise and practical aspects such as your time constraints and medical history.  We will work with you to devise a health & fitness programme that will suit ‘your specific requirements’.

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Rest assured that regardless of your age, current health status, or levels of fitness, Aspire 4 Health will closely guide, motivate and teach you the correct techniques to safely and efficiently achieve your goals.  We will help you create the foundation for a healthier and improved quality of life.

In 2017, Aspire 4 Health won the “Best Personal Training and Health Consultancy – West Yorkshire” category of the AI Business Excellence Awards.

2017 AI Business Excellence Award


Don’t just take our word for it.  Here are some testimonials from some of our personal training clients:

“When I asked Lee to provide personal training for me, I had suffered with pain in my right shoulder for 10 years from doing office work.  I also had pain in my knees. Lee analysed my posture amongst other things and gave me a exercise regime. After a couple months of exercise the pain in both my shoulder and knees disappeared and I have not had the pain again in the past 3 years. I have no hesitation in recommending Lee.”


“After retiring from work after 40+ years, long working hours and a very sedentary lifestyle I decided I needed to make sure I was as fit as I could to enjoy as long and as active a life as was possible! Since I started working with Lee about four months ago I have dropped two dress sizes, am much more active and have greater flexibility and strength than I have had in a very long time. Just as important is the boost to my confidence, I now know that I can achieve anything I set my mind too – which includes a parachute jump that I am now working toward! 

I’ve learned age is but a number and not a barrier so my bucket list has got longer since starting my fitness programme with Lee. Thanks Lee!”


I’ve been working with Lee for about 3 months now and he has worked wonders in reducing the impact of problems I had related to thoracic surgery, which had left me with considerably reduced fitness and flexibility. We began with a very detailed assessment and subsequently.I have seen him regularly for personal exercise sessions.
He has significantly improved my mobility, flexibility and confidence. His depth of knowledge and experience in terms of physiology and exercise is tremendous and his enthusiasm and caring manner have helped me maintain my involvement and subsequent progress.

Stan, 65

“My daughter in law arranged for me to have a consultation with Lee at Aspire4health. He came to my home and he became my personal trainer. Within weeks following his programme I was fitter and leaner than I had been for many years. He is a true inspiration! I started my regime with lee aged 53 which proves you’re never too old. I developed an autoimmune disease 3 years ago and lee gave me sound advice and now I am free from it. If you want a personal trainer or to go to a class, give lee at aspire4health a go. You won’t look back.”


“I have been having treatment from Lee for the past 18 months on both my knees. I had had a partial left knee replacement in 2013 and was struggling with pain, due to extra pressure on my right knee this also was replaced in March this year. During this period I saw Lee twice a week. At these sessions Lee taught me exercises that reduced the pain by building up muscles to support my knees which has proved to be most beneficial. I now attend a hour long exercise class that Lee holds in Cottingley Town Hall on a Tuesday morning 10 till 11am, which is great fun as well as keeping the rest of my body fit and healthy.”


“Lee has a very different approach to training which means every session is relevant to you, what you want and how your body is feeling that day. I’ve had several trainers but have seen undoubtedly the best results with Lee. His enthusiasm and commitment are infectious and his in depth knowledge of the human body & how it works is amazing.”


“Came needing knee surgery and after intensive and innovative work carried out by Lee Smith which enables me to protect the affected area via mobility, stability and strength work I’m now not in the pain I was and almost back to football. If you want to achieve your goals and not be hampered by repeat injuries .. Aspire4Health.”



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For more information on how we can help you or to book your free consultation, then give Lee, our lead trainer a call on 07986 396 755 or email