Running Training

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Aspire 4 Health takes a comprehensive, holistic and scientific approach to training runners.  Our focus in on improving technique in order to reduce effort, reduce the likelihood of injury and improve performance.  Our running training focuses on:

  • Minimising likelihood of injury;
  • Managing any existing injuries and/or medical conditions;
  • Improving posture;
  • Using assessment tools such as “Gait Analysis” and “Functional Movement Screen”;
  • Improving efficiency through mid-foot strike technique;
  • Reducing effort;
  • Increasing distance;
  • Increasing speed;
  • Improving performance; and
  • Improving general health and well-being.

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We work with a broad range of clients from those new to running to those involved in the ultimate endurance tests and performing at the highest levels.  We have a huge amount of experience in working with clients that may already be suffering with pre-existing or recurring injuries or medical conditions.

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Our running training techniques focus on ensuring a foundation of good posture; when your posture is aligned and the joints are opened, this results in an improved technique.  We consider mental focus and relaxation on top of the physical aspects when looking at improving form and performance.  As the foundation becomes stronger, your body will be able to handle more distance. Then speed becomes a by-product of good technique practised over increased distance, not something dependent upon the size and strength of muscles.  Ultimately, you’re not working to build distance and speed, you’re working to build presence, and that can happen at any distance or speed.  Using these principles we aim to minimize the possibility of injury and help you enjoy running for the rest of your life.

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Don’t just take our word for it.  In 2017, Aspire 4 Health won the “Best Personal Training and Health Consultancy – West Yorkshire” category of the AI Business Excellence Awards.

2017 AI Business Excellence Award

And here are some testimonials from some of our running clients:

“I can confirm Lee’s approach really works I am losing weight & toning up with a mixture of flexibility strengthening & conditioning exercises. Almost back to running after achilles injury.”


“I completed a range of training with Lee including sports conditioning and strength training. The sports conditioning training is highly recommended for anyone looking for that competitive edge in sport. My sports fitness improved a huge amount when training with Lee. Another key point was to work on my pace, which was developed by Lee teaching me a better sprinting style. My agility was also improved with a range of tailored exercises. The culmination of the training meant that level at which I was playing football was vastly enhanced.”



For more information on our running services or to book a free, no-obligation consultation, please contact our lead trainer, Lee, on 07986 396 755 or email